Sunday, 12 January 2014

First week, Polar Vortex , and the confusing terror that is OOP

To start off, I would like to explain the purpose of this blog. It was created for a class I'm taking at the University of Toronto. Entries written will describe experiences and struggles with the class. Currently, we're learning Python as you probably figured out from the title.

Now then first week, this first post will be short ... not 'cause I'm lazy but because a Polar Vortex hit Toronto, and it dropped down to -40C ..No one wants to get frostbite! ... I think. Polar Vortex though warming ...moving on.

OOP. Ohhhh OOP . It stands for Object-Oriented Programming. Now, with some class and object background it was easy to catch on how Python works (ie. Java uses @ and Python uses self....yes i know they're a bit different)  but it keeps me sane enough to understand Python in a clearer fashion.
It was funny in lecture- we looked at Turtle: a kids mod, to learn Python. It was helpful..I think. It's not exactly an exaggeration  if I said there were many puzzled faces. Overall, I think Dan is a great lecturer.He really understands the mentality of the students and explains concepts in ways we can understand.

The exercise that i just finished this week... !@#$ spent a whole extra hour debugging something when the problem was ___init___. Three underscores is a no-no, __init__ is the right way .. sigh.
Overall it was pretty easy. But there's something I noticed with the Newton's Method part of the exercise. It's hard to think of more than two ways to approach that problem. There's really only the loop method and recursion .Since it was also stated in the assignment how the formula (program) should run, the coding will be similar across the board. So I may be wrong but I wonder if it could be a problem that there are many look -a-like programs.

Welp that ends first weeks blog...Let's see how long i can keep up these posts...
Questions and feedback will be greatly appreciated!^^

(P.S OOP isn't as scary as i made it out to be! , it's tedious at times though. Well opinions, since not all programmers like OOP in general anyways.)


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