Tuesday, 25 March 2014

TEST 2 tomorrow

A bit overwhelmed at the moment, forgot I haven't been updating the blog with my adventures into Python. Right now, I'm currently tackling some previous labs as review for the test tomorrow, learned a lot of things the past few weeks, not sure what was last mentioned - sorry! I think the biggest subject we learnt was the Big Oh. It helps a lot to understand how fast a program can do its job just by a simple glance. It really has a movie-esque feel to it - when a pro-programmer (haha) can just simply glance at a code and understand a certain aspect of it

Enough about that - recently I've been studying a lot of Python and I feel a bit down that the course is time limited. I feel with more time a lot of people can learn Python, but because of the school system it subtly splits people into two groups: the fast learners and the slow learners. That deviates a lot of people that want to learn python, but can't because of time constraints and other responsibilities.

Now as for Test 2, the topics seem okay. I remember my mistakes from Test 1, I'll keep those in mind while studying. I believe a major mistake of mine on the previous test was rushing it because i thought it was easy. So even though I had the right idea, I rushed through and didn't organize my thoughts..in the end what I wrote down ended up being a big mess.


  1. Test 2 was great for me. How did you do on it? I studied quite a bit for it. I'm glad Big-Oh notation was not on it. I also agree with you on the partner thing. It can benefit the slow learner, but what about the fast learner? In the end the slow learner mostly benefits while the other partner is pretty much teaching the other guy.

  2. It was alright , actually i was just studying that very last question the night before the test so that gave me a big smile :D, how would you recommend i study for the exam ?