Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Recursion ... Why i still dont get it

Have my readers ever done a course called mathematical proofs, which is very instinctive, and certain things don't come together until you realize you were "magically" supposed to have realized you needed to add 2? That's where recursion comes in.

Recursion is a lot like induction in mathematical proofs: it requires a base case and everything you prove after it relates back to the base case. The difference is, in proofs we have the function (or the method in direct correlation) and in Python we don't. We have to realize what style of recursion will help us attain what we need. This is a bit hard to me, and many other students because it's hard to map out everything recursion does in our heads.

ALSO another problem I sometimes have (and maybe many other students) is that: we have the idea, we think computer-wise with the procedure, but we just aren't equipped well enough with the prowess to be able to codify our ideas. Is the only way around this to practice ?To read on many methods and techniques of each type on Python?

Leave some comments on what you guys think for once :)


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