Monday, 31 March 2014

Revisiting Fib (Today)

Ahhh today, today was a good day. Not too much on the heavy end, more on the insight - thinking out of the box .
It was very interesting seeing Dan revisit the Fib function today and proposing faster ways to do this. Actually when we touched about Fib functions at the beginning of class I had the idea to use some sort of dictionary and the function would check if the value is not already saved in the dictionary before doing a ton of recursion.

But when Dan proposed no recursion and just solving it iteratively, that blew my mind. It was difficult as it requires understanding of the matrix of exponents and that using exponents is the fastest way of grabbing Fib numbers. I'm still trying it myself, but I'm not sure exactly how it'll work right now. I have an idea of what formulas to use, but not too sure on the design plan of this method

Now today's class aside, I've started studying a lot for this exam. It's hard, I'm able to solve previous problems now using a deeper insight of understanding what you need to implement and coding it. I've realize I need to break some things into really elementary steps

It's also a bit disappointing because now I see that I can in fact solve some of these problems,  there's so many potential marks missed out on...Oh well... right now I hope I do well on this exam :D



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