Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Binary Search Tree !! ... Seems Easy...

Learnt about Binary Search Tree's the other day (or BST for short) it seemed pretty easy! Left side of the tree: if smaller than the root node and right side of the tree: if larger, and I can sense using some form of a recursion step you could search through a tree for numbers pretty easily. Of course I'm wondering, if a BST is just used for numbers, how would you order and search through for items and objects ? Maybe it's not possible and a BST really is just for numbers haha !

Hmmm... I finished Part One of the assignment pretty early ... IT WAS REALLY AMBIGUOUS arghh I hope I did it right. Although there was a hint about inheritance, so I played on that hint with the classes I made-so hopefully I'm in the clear for the first part of this assignment.

Actually I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but recently a friend helped me REALLY understand error messages- and a lot of coding has become so clear to me now. It's like a epiphany moment where everything just seems to make sense... but of course the problem then is that I lack knowledge of the general codes! I need to review! Anyways , back to reviewing until next time!


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